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As one of our many differentials, our exclusive Safari Vehicles guarantee the ultimate safari experience. Adding roughly 30% moreviewing potential than other vehicles, our Safari Cars allow you to get up close and personal with the sights, sounds and smells of thefauna and flora of the Pantanal. They are designed with tiered seating, so that nobody’s view is blocked. Along for the ride are our experienced drivers, who have extensive knowledge of the areas through which we travel, and our naturalist guides, experienced, trained and specialized in the Pantanal, who will take you on unforgettable safari trips, which makes Pantanal Nature the best choice in the Northern Pantanal. www.pantanalnature.com.br

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Wild Pantanal Nature Trips - Pantanal Nature / Cuiabá MT

So many people around the world hear bad things about piranhas, but they are not denrerous as it looks like, I went swimming with them for a half day in an incredible region of the Pantanal with crystal clear water.

Besides, being a fantastic location for a species of Titi Monkey from a family of Callicebus cf Pallenses can be found there
 Callicebus cf Pallenses
The name pallenses could be part of different family, but reaserches are comparing (cf) their genetic to get this type of monkey a real name. It is an indemic species in Brazil.

Paraguay river connected with the lagoons in the Pantanal between Mato Grosso and Mato Grosso do Sul / Brazil . For further information, contact www.pantanalnature.com.br - Cuiabá MT.

sábado, 17 de maio de 2014

One of the most endangered animals that need attention and respect, the jaguar is an animal that is disappearing because of habitat destruction. This photo was taken near Campo do Jofre region.

For those who have not yet visited the Pantanal, bear in mind that the Pantanal is the only place in the world where you have great chance to see this great cat, the best moth for this is from Jun to Nov. 

For our tours we have acommodações in Porto Jofre with all necessary for good observation of wildlife equipment. 

Distance from Cuiabá airport to Porto Jofre is 245 KM (6 hours drive), in Porto Jofre is where we will take a boat to go upriver toward the jaguar zone and the accommodation area and always accompanied by our bilingual guide with extensive experience in Cat observation and respect for the environment of our fragile wetland. 

To join our tour, contact me at info@pantanalnature.com.br or Ph. 55 65 99552632

Pantanal Nature www.pantanalnature.com.br  - Cuiabá - Mato Grosso - Brazil

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Altamente encantado pelas combinações entre vida selvagem e tecnologia, estou colocando em pratica as melhores maneiras de capturar imagens  de acordo com as condições locais no Pantanal. Aqui no Pantanal temos duas estaçoes distintas, a chuvosa e a seca e todos os produtos têm que passar por uma selagem para evitar a humidade e espirro de agua para uma longa durabilidade dos equipamentos. Como guia de turismo e dono da agencia , venha a apresentar a vocês imagens e historias naturais deste ambiente unico.
Visite nosso site: www.pantanalnature.com.br

Highly delighted by the combinations between wildlife and technology, I am putting into practice the best ways to capture images according to local conditions in the Pantanal. Here in the Pantanal have two distinct seasons, rainy and dry and  all products have to pass through a seal to prevent moisture and splashing water for long durability equipamentos. As a tour guide and owner of the tour agency I will present to you pictures and natural  histories of this unique natural environment. Visit our page: www.pantanalnature.com.br

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Jaguar Watching in Porto Jofre - Pantanal

The jaguars in the Pantanal spend the most their time along the rivers, and we hardly see them in trees as they eat its prey on the ground without having any competitors. As a kindom of the Pantanal it is important to observe this cats in a harmony and not giving much extress to the cat following the governament rules. It is the first time that you have a great chance of seeing jaguars, thanks to Fundação Panthera.org who is a really serious in saving the cats around the globe. Every year Pantanal Nature collect data on jaguars in order to learn more about this amazing cat and share with our future clients.

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Professional Jaguar Spotting Tours by locals

Pantanal Nature had provided guiding service to one of the top brazilian filmakers recently at Jaguar Camp, in 24 hours we had 8 sightings of 6 individual cats.
 Thank you.
Ailton Lara (guide and director at Pantanal Nature.